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1. Can I know more about Seby Mavely?

" more.... "


2. Why the name Atop?

Atop means to the top, on the top, or at the top.


3. How relevant is your academy in the present day India Inc?

We know there are many entities like ours in our own place and elsewhere. The ideas that provoked us were, how many graduates are employable today, do they have the skill level to apply their academic knowledge, is there an effective transformation taking place through our educational system towards individual optimization, is education just an imparting of knowledge or also wisdom and life skills, etc., and Atop Success Academy is in pursuit of answering these questions positively.


4. Who are your clients?

Our clients are mainly student communities, corporates, professionals, new entrepreneurs, businessmen, hospitals, hotels, management schools, etc.


5. How can I benefit from this academy?

You can register for our programs online, contact us via email or phone and attend our various custom made programs. You can be a free ASA Member or a premium ASA Member by which you enjoy our various services and products which will in turn make you healthier, wealthier and happier.


6. Do you conduct workshops?

Yes, many! You can contact us for the upcoming workshops or for a workshop of your choice suiting to your requirement.


7. Can I succeed in life by following your methods and techniques?

Certainly, you can. You will be making a life choice if you choose to follow our methods and techniques.


8. How do I go about getting your e-products? What are the methods of payment.

You can select various products on our Web site and buy them via demand draft, cheque or credit cards.


9. Can I become an effective and efficient manager if I take up the respective seminars or workshops?

Certainly, you can. Giving a chance to it will be really worth your time, energy and money and will guarantee an instantaneous transformation in you as a manager.


10. Do you issue certificates after course?