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Seby Mavely

Having completed his Doctorate in Management Studies and holding two masters degrees in English Literature and Business Administration with more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Seby Mavely conducts several presentations,seminars and workshops for different organizations, educational and business.

Dr. Seby is an internationally certified life coach who makes a difference in people’s lives by getting the very best out of them and enabling them to improve their lives. His clients discover where they want to go and get there through his proven mentorship methodology.

He carries a vast knowledge in various areas like philosophy (Indian and Western), metaphysics, logic, history, sociology, religions, psychology, theology, anthropology, language of medicine, operations management, human resource management, customer relationship management and management studies. Learning human behaviour has been an outstanding area of his engagement and specialization.

He is an avid advocate of yoga and practices yoga for the last 20 years while being a yoga teacher himself.

Seby Mavely as a success guru is acclaimed as an authority in English language, setting and achieving goals, effective public speaking, entrepreneurship development, stress management, time management, individual optimization, personal achievement and peak performance. He speaks on success, pre-eminence, sales, motivation, leadership, memory, money, personal development, self-esteem, creativity, strategy and managerial effectiveness.

He is from the state of Kerala in India and is happily married and has a son. He lives in Mysore, Karnataka, India, since 1999.

Seby’s passionate mission is to help others achieve their personal and business goals much earlier than the deadlines. Instantaneous transformation and long-term results are well-noticed features of his powerful, practical and entertaining ideas. His magical ability to present every talk customized to a particular audience is spellbinding.